Who are we

Sated Skin is an evolving start up bio-inspired skin care brand committed to bringing effective and sustainable solutions to skincare concerns.

What is bio-inspired skincare

Bio-inspired skin care is a type of skin care that is based on principles found in nature. This means that the ingredients and formulations used in these products are designed to mimic the natural processes and functions of the skin. This type of skin care is often considered to be more natural and gentle than traditional skin care products, and is often made from plant-based ingredients that are carefully selected for their beneficial properties

Bio-inspired skin care is believed to be more effective at maintaining the natural balance of the skin, which can help to keep the skin healthy and looking its best.

An example is is our approach for treating dry skin. Traditional skincare for dry skin involves use of heavy creams or ointments that often contain heavily occlusive ingredients like petroleum jelly that sit on the skin forming a layer that prevents water from evaporating off the surface of the skin. Petrolatum just creates a film on your lips that does not let the moisture escape. It does not have its own moisturizing properties.Underneath the skin however still feels tight and dry and the benefits that such products provide is temporary and end with a simple wash off.

Our approach is different in that instead of relying on these heavily occlusives for addressing dry skin, we use ingredients that support the skin to reduce transepidermal water loss by itself. What is better than the skin doing its job rather than us trying to do it?

Urea for instance is an organic compound found in the skin. Topically applied urea penetrates deep into the skin where it regulates gene expression for encoding for filaggrin.

Filaggrin is a structural protein that is fundamental in the development and maintenance of the skin barrier. Strengthening the skin barrier reduces transepidermal water loss.

Increase of production of filaggrin increases production of Natural moisturizing factor such as further increasing the skin's capacity to retain water. This therefore leads to long term benefits.

Urea is just one of such ingredient that we use here at Sated to give you a sated skin.

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