Who are we

Sated Skin is an evolving bio-inspired skincare startup commited to delivering cost effective and sustainable skincare solutions

What is bio-inspired?

Bio-inspired skincare refers to skin care products that are developed using principles and techniques inspired by nature.

These products are designed to mimic the structure and function of natural substances found in the skin.

The goal of bio-inspired skincare is to create products that are more effective, gentle on the skin and work in harmony with the skin's natural processes.

An example is in our approach for treating dry skin. Traditional skincare for dry skin involves use of heavily occlusive creams or ointments containing ingredients such as petroleum jelly that sit on the skin forming a layer that prevents water from evaporating off the surface of the skin. Such ingredients have no intrinsic moisturization properties of their own and the benefits they provide are temporary and end with a simple wash off.

At Sated we use ingredients that support the skin to reduce transepidermal water loss by increasing production of the Natural Moisturizing Factors(NMFs) and repairing the skin barrier. This increases the skin's natural capacity to retain water therefore addressing dry skin from inside out.
We believe in supporting the skin to function optimally as it can do a better job than we can.

Our Values


We are committed to transparency and honesty in all aspects of the business.
We provide full ingredient list for all our products and are open about safety and effectiveness to allow our clients to make informed decisions when choosing products.


Our choice of ingredients and formulations is guided by alot of research and backed by science to ensure we bring you effective products


At Sated, we do not compromise on safety. We conduct thorough research and testing to ensure product safety. We use safe ingredients and in appropriate quantities to ensure safe formulations.

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